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Wolvox Program setup instructions

These instructions are for Firebird base setups. For MSSQL base setups please ask for support from our Customer Service department.

To install and use AKINSOFT Wolvox program without problem, you need to complete all of the process down below carefully. If you come across any kind of problem, you can call Customer Service department to get help.

PS: When you install the program for the first time, the admin password is "masterkey". This password is Firebird admin password. If you use an other AKINSOFT program which uses Firebird and you change the admin password , admin password for Wolvox becomes the last password that you give to other program.




To use program in server computer, install Wolvox Control Panel. If you do not use the program in offline mode you need to install Control Panel to main computer only. After then install the Wolvox program that you want to use. Run Control Panel after installations are completed.

When you start Control Panel you see database selection. In this field choose Firebird database and click “OK“ button. After that you see "Admin Login“ screen. In the username field you will see "SYSDBA“ by default in Firebird based systems. In the "Password“ field you can write "masterkey“ if you do not change the password before. If you change the password before then you have to use that password.

In "Working Port“ and "Update Port“ fields, do not do any changes unless there is a particular situation. All Wolvox programs you use connect to Control Panel over these ports.


If you check "Remember my password“ option you do not need to write your name and password every time when you open the program.


If you check "Remember my password on WOLVOX“ option you can use program without entering password while making company registry or data entry. So if you have this option checked you can enter data without asking you the password. If you do not, you need to write your password every time you enter data.

If you check "Auto hide when connected“ option when you open control panel it is hidden automatically.


"Use in offline mode“ option has to be selected only on client computers when you use offline mode . If you do not use offline system do not check this option.


1-1-Company registration process


When you login program as a user you see option whether you want to use demo company or not. If you say "YES“ then program will register "DEMO_WOLVOX“ company automatically and you can look the modules even you do not have in your license.


To register your companies that you use in the program, open "Admin“ menu and select "Company Registration“. After you enter necessary information about your company click "Save“ button down below and complete registration. Then click "Working Years“ tab and click "Creat Working Year(F8)“ button. After you enter working year that you want to create, you can click "Create Working Year“ button and complete company registration process.

1-2-Branch Process

If you want to use the program with branch system support, after registration of your company you should create branch. To create branch, you can come "Branch Transactions“ tab in the company registration window and click "Branch Record“ button.


1-3- User Registration and User Authorization Process

To define users, select "User Registration“ in "User Settings“ menu. In "User Records“ window you can enter necessary information about users then you can press "User Authorization(F6)“ button to define these users' authorization.

You can give authorization to your users on company, working year or module basis. To create authorization, select company that you want to authorize from "Company“ field and write working year that you want to authorize the users from "Working Year Authorization“ field. After that in "Program Usage Authorities“ tab select modules which you give authorization to use. In "Terminal Authorities“ tab you can select authorized computer, in "Staff Authorization“ tab you can select the users that can be authorized by user that you created, in "CRM Activity“ tab you can select the users who are authorized to see the CRM activities that are saved by the user and in "Additional Authorities“ tab you can make specifications about clients that your user can see or not.


After these processes you can run WOLVOX ERP and Human Resources programs.




Before starting client installation, you must be sure that client computer and server computer are connected and can communicate each other. You do not have to install Wolvox Control Panel to client computer unless you want to use in offline mode. Control Panel should work only on server computer.


2-1-Client Connection


Install and run Wolvox program that you want to use. You will see "User Login“ screen. In "User Login“ screen select "Server Settings“ and write server computer IP address or computer name (exp; or SERVER) to "Host Computer IP“ field. Then write port number of Control Panel on your server computer to "Connection Port Host Computer“ field.


Press "Back“ button to return "User Login“ screen. Enter your username and password then click "Ok“ button. If everything is okay, program is opened to use.


PS: If you want to login as full authorized in client computer then you have to use SYSDBA username and Firebird admin password.


Important Note:

Server computer must have "Power Supply“ in any case of power failure. Instantaneous power failure or voltaj surge may cause database failure or data loss.

In Control Panel which runs on server computer, there is an automatic backup module which gets backup periodically. You should check your backup settings in Control Panel from "Backup Settings“ section.

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