CODE: A3596

Removing the Decimal Digit Separator in Barcode Sales

It is possible to apply the price entry system in the Barcode Sales program without the digit separator, which is widely used in most European countries and the UK and is also used in payment terminals. With this feature, no digit separators are used for the amounts you enter when taking any payment or changing the stock price. For example, if you entered 2500 in the price of a product with this feature, this will be reflected as 25.00. You can see the difference in the images below.


No digit separator used


This screen provides more control and a practical introduction to the right of the comma (in the decimal area) without using punctuation marks.


Digit separator used


On this screen, when you want to enter a value in the decimal part, you have to use punctuation marks.


To remove the use of digit separators, open custom settings by going to 'Admin->Custom Definitions->Custom Settings'. Uncheck the 'Use digit separator in numeric fields' option, which is active by default, from the General settings tab and save.



When you reopen the sales screen, you will be able to enter prices without using a digit separator.

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