CODE: A2818

I am getting an error ''Socket Error #10054 Connection Reset By Peer'' at Control Panel. How do I resolve this error ?

  • Created 26.05.2017
  • Update 21.07.2022
  • Category MSSQL Server

The reason for the 'Socket Error #10054 Connection Reset By Peer' error when logging in from the AKINSOFT Wolvox control panel program; is due to the SQL Server Browser service being stopped or disabled.



  • Start --> Programs
  • Microsoft SQL Server R2 - Configuration Tools - SQL Server Configuration Manager
  • Click on SQL Server Services.
  • Double click on SQL Server Browser.
  • Click on the service tab, select 'Automatic' and press the 'Apply' button.



  • Then click on the 'Log On' tab and press the 'Start' button.



After completing the procedures, you can log in from our AKINSOFT Wolvox Control panel program.

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